Friday, May 9, 2008

"The Fall" Was Just A Dream

"The Fall" Was Just A Dream:

Can we really separate reality from what is in our mind?

Does a waking life know when it is truly awake?
Does it keep waking up one level of awareness at a time?
Can consciousness only handle so much that
It focuses on some truths, leaving others behind?

Your heart is set on a timer that rouses itself from sleep
We often say "not yet...let me return to my dream I now miss"
Knowing we can never go back, we cry, "Let me have but this!"
But if you learn not to deny the seed of thought that accompanies a change of heart

Then listen to the feeling- it is an urge to know
If there is a world on the other side of the rainbow
Though tornadoes of fables can take us there from time to time
We must realize as children we once lived in Oz’s prime

But there was trouble in paradise and something needed reform!
So buying into the seeds of doubt, no longer innocent we were reborn
Pretending there was no soul, no God, and no future perfect rest
Was our attempt to infiltrate the black and white world, throw away its ugliness, and save the best

But somewhere along the way we buried our heart in the empirical empire
Which suffered a drought because hope no longer rained down from shapeless clouds we used to give perfect form to with our faith
They became filled with mistrust and doubt
It was a world suffocated from lack of love’s courage and duty and unity and that lived in the darkness of the shadow of its own lies

It ruled our hearts with the fear that even our consciousness dies
But in our wildest moments we listened over the cries of helplessness surrounding our hearts and took a trip into inner space
Where we, like children, dreamed of an emerald city, not knowing that was where our true nature lay
And thus afterwards we went back to the grind of living out our perception of ourselves as less than divine

But where our hearts will lead us to is the same place for everyone
Heaven on earth is an urge that cannot die, as sure as we are born
Remember the spirit; the Presence; the awe of life
We are vessels all containing the same mind; in our imagination is where the universe resides; and in our hearts the best possible universe is alive--

It gives credence to the highest idea we can have of ourselves
That we are love, truth, and beauty and nothing else
And nothing we think, say or do to seemingly contradict this can actually rot the core of this, our god self being
Inherent in all things; all in all

Sleeping through our identity crisis
Nothing can change without first wanting to be changed
Who can see without first believing?
Who can know without experiencing?

What happens when the universe wakes up
Is that it will know the greatest story ever told
Each and every vantage point eventually
Sacrificed the comfort of sleep in order to save the world


Billy said...
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Billy said...

I can't tell if this is an allegory or not. The way I interpret it is that it is, indeed literal. I think the chance of us being asleep in this sense is greater than the chance that reality is exactly as we see it. The post reminds me of a conversation we had beginning with you saying, "I believe that we are just an imagination of ourselves."

I miss those conversations.

Also, I'm going to dedicate a post specifically to you and your site on my blog,