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Mind Over Matter: The Power of Belief

EN 301: Writing Process—Theory and Practice
Essay 1: Autobiography
31 January 2008
Revised 19 February 2008

Mind Over Matter: The Power of Belief

A baby often isn’t considered conceived until it attaches itself to the uterine wall to become an embryo. Keep this in mind. I used to smoke this drug called Salvia, where I would lie on my back, close my eyes, and as I exhaled, I would feel my body being intertwined with whatever it was I was lying on. My actual self, my mind and soul went elsewhere. It was almost as if my body was changing form to adapt to the surroundings as my mind and soul perceived a parallel universe. With my body firmly planted into the ground, I grew twenty feet into the air, as well as some arms. I had become a tree, and spread my new branches (which felt like arms) outward in a Y formation, and smaller branches grew from my arms; shoots and leaves budded from the branches. With a bright smile, I was beaming and soaking in the summer sunlight. All my trips has the similar feeling of having gravity push and mold my body so attached to whatever it was lying on, be it a wicker chair, the trunk of a tree, or a leather car seat, as I watched the world around me as a kind of different dimension.

Once, my skin dissolved and my atoms were little people. Another time, I had parked my car in a field, and, as I exhaled, the car seat turned into a shell and I became a crab. Another time, when I was on the computer, I helplessly was being dragged by a shifting wheel and my face felt like it was being trampled upon by a million caterpillar feet, and the World Wide Web had a spider in the center of it which had the face of the evil princess in Sleeping Beauty. Each time, I felt as though I had died and my outer shell had gone back to earth and my spirit reconnected the land of limitless energy, kind of like a dream world that was already set in place while my eyes were still closed. The dream world would still contain certain elements of my surroundings; it retained the time of day and the colors and sometimes even most of the objects around me. But my body was being pushed by gravity to stay on earth and not join the place of the dead entirely. Once I could see my mind- It was a fertile soil, my thoughts, seeds that sprouted and grew as I formulated them. When I finally realized the thought, and said it out loud, it peaked out of the soil and bloomed.

To connect this to the conception metaphor above, I felt as if I were being attached to some sort of uterine wall, but since the high was temporary, I was not reborn into another world. But I almost did. I entered the womb of death and its imagery was a consequence both of my beliefs in the circle of life (that my body will return to earth from which it came and turn into nature) and my belief of the continued life of consciousness after death. I had no belief in God at this point in my life except a metaphysical God- an inherent spirituality in nature that all life forms are connected to, and this belief played a direct role in what I perceived in the trips from this ancient Mayan spiritual plant called Salvia. Also playing roles in these hallucinations were my fears, and desires- what I saw was all recognizable in the context of things important and specific to my life. I recognized motion with my eyes open, the kind of motion that goes on without us being aware of- the motion of atoms, of invisible electricity, of auras; and this motion took forms of archetypes that I began interacting with. I’ll never forget the stars in the sky moving and turning into a dramatic Native American dance. And it was as if my friends and everything else surrounding me blended with this energy, probably by way of tricks of my unconscious imagination. Once, my friends turned into colorful monsters like the ones in the children’s book Where the Wild Things Are; other times they turned into trees or animals. I will never forget the feeling, though, of something I had never felt before- the motion of the earth- that feeling of revolving slowly, or flowing as a river current, or growing up from the ground. The revolving and growing feeling have happened to us, we just don’t feel it because the change is so subtle and slowly gradual that it is unconscious. And some of us do drift downstream, just going with the flow. But to literally feel all of this at a sped-up pace, with my eyes open to take in the world in a new light, only confirmed my beliefs in the soul’s harmony with nature and ability to transcend conscious death. How my personal feelings and experiences in life affected this out-of-body and near-death experience, I realized was inevitable.

Around this time in my life, I took a huge bong hit and started coughing and gasping for breath. About a couple minutes of this and I was sure I was choking to death, not realizing that coughing is just Mother Nature’s way of telling you there is a serious problem and is not the same as choking. Then something happened. I don’t know if I had stopped coughing and was fully choking now or if I was still coughing, but I saw something that did not cast a shadow over the ground. It was a blurry line, spiraling to form the shape of a circle, and it was right in front of my very eyes. “The circle of life,” I thought to myself. Eventually, I got my breath back, but I never forgot what I saw as a non-drug induced hallucination (bong hits from pot do not make me hallucinate) as a result of a near-death experience. I am still not sure what that circle was. Was it a spiral ready to take me away to transport my spirit somewhere else, like a tunnel my spirit could fly into? I developed a sense of comfort and well-being in this difficult time of my life, a time full of insecurities, drug problems, home relocation and identity confusion. I was not afraid of death, because these experiences confirmed, in my mind, that death would be only the end of one stage of existence, like an embryo that will turn into a fetus and be reborn. My theory is that while everyone will not see what I see when they die, the feeling will be the same. There will be an overall theme of rebirth, but the forms in which this takes place will depend upon the individual’s spiritual beliefs.

The following I learned from a movie called Waking Life. When we die, we have seven to ten minutes of brain activity. Keep that in mind. Now, when we go to sleep, our brain drops a tiny bit of dreaming fluid into our brains to satisfy us for the whole dreaming period during REM (rapid-eye movement sleep). You ever notice how when you wake up in the morning and fall back asleep, the dreams are long and intricate? But you wake up and only two minutes have gone past! Your energy seems to have surpassed space-time perceptions. (Or maybe it is our mortal lives that produce the illusion of limited energy…) When you die, all of that fluid gets released into your brain. If one drop of the fluid can sustain you for a night’s worth of dreams, then think about the effects of the whole shebang! Seven to ten minutes of such an influx of this power could determine your next life as you chose to interact with it.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross worked at a hospital and recounted instances of people
who have died and been resuscitated. Some people saw the face of God, some Buddha, some the face of Jesus- it depended upon their religious beliefs. People who committed suicide, though, saw nothing. This suggests that life and death are a natural cycle and we should not mess with it. It also suggests that ones beliefs shape their destiny. I take for granted that our beliefs shape our reality. We know that people with an internal locus of control, people who don’t feel at the mercy of persons, places and events, accomplish more things because they believe they are at least somewhat in control of their lives. Also, a person in a bad mood all the time will walk around all day and only see the bad things in life and use it to support his pessimistic outlook on life. A person with a good attitude will see the beauty in everyday life, and can experience sacred things every day because of it. Also, people look at the same thing and see different things. It’s because of how they orient their lives by what they choose to belief and what their intentions are that they do so. Your beliefs become the lenses in which you perceive the world. It’s the difference between seeing different opportunities to arise from objects and events. A car accident to a driver is bad, but to a lawyer is his or her next meal. A crop is an asset to a real estate dealer or politician but a symbol of fertilization and cycles to a poet. That overly ripe banana is trash to the well-off, but a meal for a hobo. Darkness is full of monsters to a child but is only shadows to an adult. Even in the auditory senses, two people can interpret what someone is saying is based on their separate beliefs about that person and one person might get offended while the other might take it lightly. Sometimes when people say things to me, I hear something completely different but it makes sense to me. All this, to me, has become my common sense understanding of why believing is seeing, and, just like my theory, I find things to back this up all the time.

The power of belief is so strong that it goes hand in hand with the idea of mind over matter. I believe that blind faith gets us through life, because nothing in life is certain, so we all have to have at least a little faith that life is not all terrible or else we would have killed ourselves long ago. We take so much for granted on faith- probably 90 % of what we believe is just us accepting what other people tell us without researching their facts. But things such as convictions and prayers added to our faith can only help make it stronger and more focused. This faith can be used to summon adrenaline and perform acts of superhuman strength. We hear the legends of people lifting cars to save children. Maybe they got an aneurism afterwards, because I’m not saying that they were able to transcend the impossible without physical consequences. Some people, such as Neal Donald Walsch, even believe we can alter matter with our minds if we become masters, that is, if we train we can become ready to use our mental to defy the physical. The basic principle of Einstein’s E=MC2 formula is that it proved energy and matter are interchangeable, which might explain why dreams and hallucinations might just be physical manifestations (matter) of our unconscious fears and desires (energy). The ability to use telekinesis and read other people’s energies is said by some to be within everyone’s capability. All of this supports my mind over matter theory, but there is also physical proof of mind over matter.

My dad worked as a hospital equipment salesman. He constantly delivered equipment to institutions that housed “special people,” who possess what is crudely referred to as “retard strength”. There were these metal bars on the windows at this one place that were just pulled apart. The tables and chairs are permanently fused into the floor and are too heavy for any normal person to lift. These people kept in these hospitals can pick them up and throw them around like rag dolls. They are perfect examples of mind over matter where all the energy and strength is focused into completing one seemingly impossible task.

When we are kids, we summon monsters and Santa and fairies into existence using our beliefs, which are, at the time, so mixed with fantasy that the two get confused. Our fears, our hopes, and the mysteries of life manifest themselves into mythical creatures that we interact with, regardless of their physical existence. Our imaginations run wild and butterflies might be seen as fairies and that tickle on the back our neck late at night was a monster. Carl Jung is the famous psychologist talks about this in greater detail, and some books fuse together Jungian archetypes with Hinduism and Buddhism to explain our unconscious and subconscious thoughts- all those thoughts going on inside of us that we are unaware of on the physical, causal plane (the causal plane being that objective world we live in on a day-to-day basis). These unconscious fears and desires that are hard-wired into our system and manifest themselves as archetypes in nature, causing us as a society to feel certain ways about certain things. But we can try to disconnect ourselves from these feelings. You can stop believing in fairies or Santa or God, and they will disappear. People in life will demand you to accept their intolerance of the imagination- “grow up! Life is just hard fact and supernatural occurrences are kids stuff!” And yet we all live and die by illusions- we take so much of what we believe not only on faith but also by our limited perceptions and our speculations that come as a result from them. Existentialists also explain this quite well: “Life is what you make it- it has no meaning other than the one you give it”. They go into greater detail, but it is the sum of all their philosophy. My mom taught me that people have the ability to tap into a kind of spirit-world where the fantastic and mundane mix: children are very susceptible to contact with the paranormal, as well as sleepers, daydreamers, and open-minded people. It is all summed up beautifully in the Spanish-language film The Orphanage: “Seeing is not believing. It is the other way around. Believe, and you will see.”

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Response to Pat Hamilton's Note: On Abortion

Pat Hamilton's Notes

Natural Right Over Positive(Legal) Right
1:03am Thursday, Jan 24

**I'm not allowed to post his post here**
Basically, he compared allowing abortion to America's previous practice of allowing slavery, saying both are incompatible with "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".

Here's my response:

I don't agree with abortion but I think that women should be able to choose. I believe women who have abortions should read your post and argue with you, and I'd support your argument of natural right. I'm not saying it's right that it's a Constitutional amendment, because the values ARE contradictory. I just think that if a woman wants an abortion, the place where she goes to get it is full of people who debate her decision and convince her not to. But I am STRONGLY opposed to coercion as a method to stop abortion. Holding a gun to a woman's head and telling her to have a baby is wrong, in my view. And if we make laws against abortion, then that's essentially what we're doing. The cost of abortion should be guilt, not jail time. The woman and the child have a sacred bond that us men don't understand, and if a woman is ignorant enough to interpret that bond as giving her the right to terminating the birth, than that's society's fault for not teaching her good values.

I'm not saying she shouldn't be held responsible for what she did, in fact, I would want her to make a public declaration of why she feels she needs the abortion prior to having it, so the public responds by talking her out of it. If they can't reach her (she has to listen, though), then let her do it. She'll find out on that judgment day what she did was wrong. But I'm not going to legislate her vagina. I'm not going to pretend that I know when life begins. Personally, I see no reason why anyone should have an unwanted baby, and I think that if the baby has reached the age where it goes past zygote and has become a fetus, it has developed all the faculties needed in order to be called human, even though it is more like a fish still at this stage. And anyone who kills a baby that has already started kicking- I don't understand it. But the baby is still an extension of the mother at this time, so how can I say whether an independent soul has entered the baby at this point?

My three main questions for you are:1) When do you think someone's spirit enters the outer shell known as the body?Personally, I think it's post-zygote stage, but I could be wrong. I think I'll never know, and it's up to those who study DNA and God to figure out when.2) How would you deal with abortion if you had the chance to change the constitution? Would you make it illegal in ALL cases? What kind of punishment would those women who have an abortion under your change serve?3) How would you change the education system (or whatever system you think necessary) to incorporate natural rights into people's lives?Personally, I think if we outlawed abortion, there would be more back-alley abortions, and that would be extremely dangerous. Instead of losing one life, we would lose two, and if a woman is so desperate to have an abortion that badly that she risks her own life, than clearly some women are going to have abortions and there's nothing we can do to stop them.

If one of my friends, for instance, wanted to have an abortion, which, say, was illegal, I would try to talk her out of it so bad. But if I couldn't reach her, I wouldn't want her to die, too. That's all I'm saying on the back-alley abortion issue. I hate abortion, but not to the point where women will risk life and limb to have one in an unsafe way.And they have these pills that this one girl I know swallowed because their function was to terminate her pregnancy. I didn't find out until after the fact. She is young and the baby's life would have sucked and maybe her druggie dad (her mom is not there) would have killed her and her druggie boyfriend. I think she was being a selfish ignorant whacko and maybe ten years from now she'll feel the same way and have to face facts. But it was that easy, it killed the baby before the fetus has grown enough to live outside the womb. These pills would sell like hot cakes on the black market and every promiscious girl would have...

...a bottle at her bedpost just in case.Now I am all for condoms, birth control, and the like. I know that when the sperm and egg connect, it could be the magical synthesis that concieves life right away. But I'm not about to strip away a woman's right to choose. I'm all about spiritual education to people to persuade them toward the right path, but abortions do not make a mother a danger nor do they make her worthy of being repremanded by the law. She's spiritually ignorant and irresponsible, in my opinion, and she could possibly use some spiritual intervention in her life. But in a utopian society, people would love to learn, and once they learned about the sacredness of life, they wouldn't risk having an abortion, the risk being we don't know when life truly begins, at conception or at birth. So we should refrain from banning abortion, period.

But if a woman gets pregnant and has an abortion more than once, Shep? Personally, I believe she is just playing with fire. I'd like it if she got her tubes tied. Obviously, she's wreckless and irresponsible (unless she was raped) and needs to be controlled because she's playing with something that may have far more serious implications than she understands. She obviously doesn't want kids in the first place, so it should be mandatory that after a second abortion, a woman gets her tubes tied for free.But Shep, I thought you didn't want to legislate women's vaginas? Her body is her property and hers alone.Yeah, that is true, but there's a difference between me getting in an automobile accident, because accidents happen. But if I was drinking and driving, I was being irresponsible. And that's what promiscious women are being when they choose to have unsafe sex and risk getting an unwanted pregnancy that will be dealt with by abortion of it is possible- irresponsible.

Some people argue that stupid people should not be allowed to breed, and I like that idea, because of the risk it puts the child in. But children can overcome their environment if they really try, so I'm not going to be the sex gusstapo. But there's a difference here. A woman who has more than two abortions is clearly unaware of the fact they could be committing murder by having an abortion. I'm not saying they are, but the very fact they COULD be outweighs the fact they couldn't be. The first time was an accident, the second time just wreckless. The woman had her chance to shape up and be more careful, right? But what's the difference between one abortion and two? Shouldn't she get her tubes tied after the first one? Were the first two potential lives worse any more or less than each other or a third one?1) there is a difference- the first abortion was a warning sign that the woman should have been taking better care of her preventitive care.

The second abortion was just negligence, but because we just don't know when life begins, it's not for us to say "no abortion for you!". We just can't afford a third chance because she has to learn the hard way that SHE doesn't know as well when life begins, so it's not for her to continue a gamble of life and death. Because a third abortion would prove the woman is too much at risk of being a murder in NATURE's eyes (not ours, because ours are blind in this one), that we would have to make SURE she doesn't have a third abortion in order to make sure we as a society aren't enabling ignorance of genuine human values (the right to life that nature gives us)2) after the first abortion, the woman should be offered the chance to get her tubes tied for free. But by tying them on the spot, we would be invading her livelihood for our own speculations on salvation. Speculations because yes, it is not a speculation we should have a right to life, BUT in the case of pregnancy we ONLY speculate

After the second abortion, the woman makes a choice: either she gets her tubes tied for free OR she agrees never to have a (legal) abortion again. If she chooses the latter, her name goes on an INTERnational file that includes her agreement.3) No, but we should allow people to make mistakes.

On both sides of the abortion spectrum, the extremes have something common- they are speculating! And yet they both act like their guesses are God's Truth.

Let's face it, God didn't throw us a bone with this one.

All we can do is compromise and agree both sides have good intentions (free choice should be protected! human life should be protected!) but both are WRONG about being Absolute!

I'm not going to pretend to the best I can do is give people some breathing room by preserving both Choice and Life.

The Choice is that if a woman has an abortion more than once, she obviously doesn't want kids but is being careless, and those two values contradict each other. If she ever wants to get married and have kids, she better at least have her kid the next time she gets married. But if she doesn't want a kid, the file she signs will go all over the world and she won't be able to get an abortion anywhere...

If she wants a back-alley abortion, she is taking the risk of things going wrong; no one forced her to do it.This also protects Life because it recognizes life is Sacred but we don't know when it begins, the government shouldn't be birth police and people make mistakes- but my idea differentiates between an honest accident and irresponsible promiscuity.

So, Pat, my fourth question is4) What do you think of this plan?

I'd like all you bloggers to let me know what you think!

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Manifesto of the Holy Illumination of Our Lifelong Struggles

Manifesto of the Holy/Common Sense Revolution

Pakistan- First the government jailed all the opposition lawyers and dissenters, and now Bhutto is assassinated? I mean, Florida in the 2000 presidential election, Ohio in the 2004 one, claims of election fraud in Mexico, Pakistan and now Kenya, all this makes me seriously question democracy.
Look around you- all around the world, corrupt regimes are everywhere. Some are mixed in with the drug game, some the diamond game, it never ends. And how can we say our country is greater than any of this mess? Our regime is mixed in with corporations and military-industrial complex. It is their interests which are being served, not OURS. Why are we trying to fix other countries when we haven't fixed our own yet? This game is rigged. The system needs a big change. Here is my critique.


Now I grew up with non-practicing Christian parents, I never went to church, I was left to choose what to believe. Early on, my teachers taught me about injustices based on race against the blacks, and injustices based on ethnicity such as Native Americans, the Japanese during WW2, and now I found that the Hispanic immigrants are just another whipping boy from the status quo that went on from prejudice against the Italian and Irish immigrants during the early 1900s immigration boom. Now, because of world trade and greedy corporations and a materialistic society, we are all accountable for immigration. You see, the workers in the third world countries get paid pennies and the product of their labor is sent to America or other rich countries. They don't get to see any of it, nor could they ever afford it if they could see it. So what do they do? They go to the place it's being shipped to, and then they get demonized for being immigrants. Well America is founded on the idea you can have all these IMMIGRANTS from all these backgrounds with different heritages and religions and cultures, which we respect with our hearts, yet we learn to live amongst others because our way is not the only way. I have more to say on economics later.

I was raised without religion, or was I? I had music, movies, video games, comic books, television, I had free will, I had issues I was born into, not sin. I realized God wasn't Santa Clause, and nor was he (or she, or it) not real. He just wasn't real in the way the status quo wanted me to believe. I realized everything was connected, how my decisions could unintentionally cause a death on the other side of the world. I realized patterns in nature that were undeniable. I realized the mystical divinity of the human brain, and the unstoppable power of faith. Believe and attitude determines everything, and we can chose whether or not to believe what society wants us to feel. I realized that everything was an illusion caused by me thinking about things that weren't real- the past or the future. I ask myself where am I, I say Here. I ask myself what time is it, I say Now. The answers are always the same, no matter where I've moved on the space/time/matter/energy grid. People are just extensions of myself and I am extensions of them- we are all one. My environment and my genetic code can only do so much- I am in control of my life and I can change my environment and I can accomplish anything despite the hand I was dealt. The inevitable awaits me- call it fate, call it scientific determination, call it predestination if you will. But by meditation and faith I can discern what I can and cannot change, and usually, I am the one in control. I know hurting people is wrong, I know oppression is wrong, I know money isn't everything, I know life is unpredictable, I know nothing lasts forever. I know I don't know everything. I know faith, hope and trust will guide me wherever I am going. But it is always "here and now" that I am going- life is just one moment between God and I. It is the same for everyone.

All this I learned without religion. I didn't need to go to church to teach me right from wrong. Neither does anyone.

So let us think for ourselves- tell our stories, and debate how we can DO SOMETHING about changing the status quo- politically, religiously, economically, socially, and most importantly, in the hearts of mankind who is so reluctant to change unless they are faced with a contradiction between two opposing forces so strong that he is forced to choice the path of conscientiousness. That means he becomes accountable for his actions so far as he can know about the consequences of them.

This must happen if we are to save the environment, which is high on our list. If people realized they are to be held responsible for not caring about Mother Earth or their Fellow Man(kind), not by some higher being at the end of their lives but by a society that can no longer tolerate their lack of compassion, than they will have to change or face fair sanctions by us and a hypocrisy by their own conscience.

I call for scientific funding on a kind of virtual reality where people can let out their negative emotions as well. I call for a place where people can strap on virtual reality gear and kill whoever they want or have sex with anyone they want. Yes, I stole this idea from the movie Minority Report. But people need to release their aggression before it turns into pitiful sadness full of resentment toward other human beings.

I call for the churches to stop demonizing people based on who makes them horny and what makes them horny. The only kind of sex that should make someone be demonized is the sex that violates other people's liberty. Now there are people who enjoy being submissive and people who enjoy being dominate, so these people should have places they can go to act out their violent sexual fantasies. One of the problems with a rapist is that there are people out there willing to be "raped", but since the rapist doesn't know about it, he finds some easy prey somewhere. There should be a place where they sign a waiver that says the institution is not responsible for people's actions, so the people can act out their fantasies with doctors nearby in case anything goes wrong, but this way they can meet likeminded people. I'm not saying rapists don't often have specific targets, but if they just like to meet a random person to act out violent fantasies on who are cool with it, which some do, this insitution could reduce rapes.
Another problem with rapists and pedophiles is that people feel wrong for being gay or sexual so they build up their sexual desires and it comes out in terrible ways. I bet the number of violent sex crimes would be reduced if we lost the stigma the church gives sex- it's so bad to do it for fun, they say. Well, the world is getting overpopulated, so we need to stop saying sex is only good for procreation. So some people just have repressed their sexual longings and it comes out violently in "uncontrollable" spurts. Once again, I recognize some people are just messed up in the head, but preventable instances of violating sex can be eliminated if the church stops being so iffy about sex.
And people need to stop associating homosexuality, which is an orientation, with actions, which are made by choices. Homosexuality and things like necrophilia, pedophilia, and kinky sex are not in the same ballpark- being gay or a lesbian or transgender is something you have no say in! People just need patience and discipline and maybe promiscuous sex will stop, but people need to find out the hard way sometimes why marriage is important. Gay marriage will not destroy the sanctity of marriage- straight marriage is already doing just that, what with 50% divorce rates recently. Gay marriage will not lead to people marrying animals, animals can't even consent to sex anyway. Your lies and your bullshit speculations come from the fact either 1) you are not gay so you don't know anything about it yet you pretend to be an authority on something alien to you or 2) you are afraid of homosexual tendencies you have and so you lash out at people as a defense mechanism. And just because you're curious and have homosexual tendencies doesn't mean you're gay, you're just somewhere closer to the middle of the scale of totally gay or totally straight. Alfred Kinsey, the doctor, already went over this.

I call for the religions to stop preaching eternal damnation. God's love is unconditional, your visions of hell are just fever dreams or turning an attempt to humanize God by making his love conditional like your parents or your society did their acceptance. Hell exists either in the mind of someone with a negative attitude or in failure to learn something so you do it over and over in a vicious cycle or in allowing hateful or unjust actions to persist. Living in fear is hell, as is living in ignorance and lies. A lot of the self-hatred in the world is spawned from religious stigma. People feel like they sin so they hate and cannot forgive themselves, and turn to Jesus and say "he's so perfect". Listen, we all itch. And when we scratch it, it feels good, but it just gets replaced by an itch somewhere else. Such is life. We have itches to eat, itches to love, itches to sleep, itches to masturbate, itches to fight, itches to seek success...we have all sorts of itches. What being human is all about is being imperfect. Jesus never scratched an itch- he knew what desire and indulgence in basics like food, drink, sleep and material possessions would bring him, because he manifested God's discipline. The itch of world domination dangled in front of him too. But he was humble, and he only focused on one itch- to spread the Gospel. The good news that God promised us all eternal rest and peace after we die, and all we need to do is marry that promise with faith. But we humans love our suffering, our fights, our drama, our extremes and our indulgences. We splurge every once in a while and allow ourselves to get attached, to get carried away. Why? We love it. It's what being human is all about. But we get God syndrome, we try to play holier than thou, and we call some itches worthy and some itches not, and try to control other people's emotions. We chose the wrong God to trust in, but it's our decision. We wouldn't have done it in the first place if society hadn't placed an emphasis on the American trinity Time, Money and Self. I chose a higher God, but I once worshipped the American trinity. Also, when we scratch an itch and it hurts us really bad, we cry "God, why have you forsaken me? How could you allow this to happen? I am so flawed!". But in reality we chose to be in pain, we chose to be flawed, by the choices we made.

We couldn't all be like Jesus right now if we wanted to, but maybe in our next few life we could. Why? Because we are all God. But we want to experience ourselves as humans, and therefore must get the bad part of being human if we want the good. But we all are part of the God who made us. We live to be who we truly are, which is an aspect of God. The father is God, and is Thought. Before you experience something, you only have an idea of it. That was us before we were born. The son in Us, including Jesus, who was no more or less a son of God than all of us, the difference being that God manifested himself in Jesus more, so that Jesus possessed the knowledge he was God and acted upon it. We can have the knowledge, but we can't act on it because we don't have the experience Jesus had. Jesus had spent his past lives with the intention of being the holiest man he could ever be, and was rewarded finally when he was born as he knew him as the manifestation of God. If we strive to be as holy as Jesus, then we but need to keep at it until we are rewarded with it eventually. It takes deep discipline and understanding, and a lot of soul searching and renouncing. Total devotion. It is acheiving moksha, as the Eastern religions call it. But before Jesus walked, God never had the chance to know what human life was like. He only had an Thought of what it would be like.
We are God experiencing himself though us. It wasn't until Jesus, they say, that God was incarnate, and then when he died actually knew what it was like to be alive. That is true, because Jesus, unlike us, had no desire other than to spread Love, Truth and Beauty, because Jesus knew he was God and knew he could be Love, Truth and Beauty incarnate if he kept trying, no matter how many lives it took. God is Pure Love, Truth and Beauty; God cannot doubt his divinity. We as humans can and do, and that's what makes us "imperfect", that is, imperfect only in relation to Jesus. Then when we die, like when Jesus dies, we become the Holy Spirit, which is Pure Knowledge. I'm not saying God doesn't know the future. Even I somewhat know the future- God told me things have to get worse before they get better, and that is the whole human existence from start to finish. My theory is the universe and the sun and humanity's consciousness and physical organs expand to the point of pressure overload and ejaculate big bangs before they contract. It's the continuous cycle of life. The end is just the beginning of a new era.

We are like God's handshakes. You see, when you shake someone's hand, your hand touches their hand and your brain receives the information from the hand through the nerves and remembers that person's handshake. The hand is separate from the brain, like how we are separate from God, but everything we learn, God learns. Everything we Experience, God Experiences. When we die, it is just like the handshake of our death: the information of our death is going back to the brain. We become one with God again. It's as if the hand and the brain were one. We start off as a single celled organism- and from one became millions. The hand came from the source. We come from the source, and when we die, we return to it, with all the added experiences of our lives culminating in the brain that is God. We can chose to live again if we want to. We are like God's feelers and actors, so God can experience himself through us. There is only an illusion of separateness between all of us. If you were in my shoes, and had to carry all my weight, trust me, you'd make the same decisions as me. And likewise me to you. Everything is inevitable and the process of a sort of domino effect that cannot have been changed, so don't blame yourself for who you are, because you can change your attitude and not be the same person who once disgusted you. Don't hate yourself. Forgive yourself. If you have good intentions, there is no need to feel shitty about something you did when your intentions were different. That's the free will aspect- you chose whether or not to accept yourself or change yourself. I'm not saying life is 100% predestined, though (see my post on Hell and Free Will for that). Just live your life and balance everything so you can be happy and healthy. Then work on your "obligations" to other people. The whole concept of original sin is crap, an attempt to explain the unexplainable (as most old-fashioned religion is). You aren't born into sin, you have the choice in what you chose in your attitudes toward what goes on around you. (read my "Response to Brant's post" for more on Original Sin, translated into modern terms so it actually makes sense). The question isn't "why does the world and its people suck?", it's "what am I going to do about it?". "How can I be a positive change in the world?". Don't try to be perfect unless you really and honestly don't want to indulge in the temporary satisfactions earthly life can provide. Don't try to be something you aren't. Be authentic, true to yourself, and conscienctious- that is, put your heart into everything you do. Try to be someone you can live with. Try to be happy and have a clean conscience and a worry-free mind. Know that nothing lasts forever, everything dies, and that all things must pass. It is liberating to live as if there is no heaven (I believe there is- you some to the spirit world when you die. But I'm talking about paradise on Earth- which I believe can be true in the future if we work at it). Know you are going to die. It makes you either want to have fun or stick to a principle- but you CAN do both. You can enjoy the Holy Revolution without being just a hedonistic counterculture person who over-indulges in earthly pleasures and without being just a stuck-up revolutionary who forgot how to have fun because he is too caught up in his ideal-future goals. You can have one foot in the City of God and one in the City of Man if that's what you feel. I challenge you to make God your higher power and everything else be directed to him, though. Don't stop having fun, though. Besides, without temporary earthly satisfaction, most of us would feel like doing God's work is all drudgery and hate it.

We could learn something from prayer. When people die, it should not be sad for the person, though. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. They are at peace now. On to their next adventure. It was meant to be, and you were meant to have faith that they are with God now. But the hole a dead person leaves in their absence cannot be filled. That is why the Judeo-Christian-Muslim practice of prayer is great. Talk to the person as if they are still alive, it helps. Believing is seeing, not the other way around. Ghosts and paranormal communication can be true whether they are in the form of a person, in the form of energy, or come to you in your dreams. It is possible souls stay on earth to tend after their kids and grandkids. As long as you believe they can hear you, it is healthy because it is a release. Death is final. Suffering is not. Be happy they no longer suffer. Don't suffer yourself in their stead. They don’t want you to be sad, anyway. Death is inevitable and unpredictable; so why should we pretend it is not? Sure, the circle of life is that first a mother bathes a child, then the other way around, but that is just an ideal instruction of nature. In reality, it is only a possibility. You need patience and discipline to deal with someone’s death, because time will explain to you the reasons they had to die, and what truth you can learn from the loss. Always have hope and faith, whether it is hope that you will see them again or that they are in a better place. Prayer will help the time pass. Same with meditation. Just thinking about what the death means to you, and writing it down, and talking about it. It all helps. Just don’t get stuck in a bad attitude about death, and don’t relive the moment over and over. Remember to be here now. Life is a relationship between you and God first, whatever God is to you. You don’t need anyone, anyway. You are self-sufficient and independent and yet a part of you is in everyone else as well. You mourn the pieces of you in the person that you lost, yet you can have them back again. Embody what made that person great. Meditation, at least one form of it, teaches that when we die our souls go back to zero, from which it came. When we live, we see everything came from the same zero, the same source. When we die, we will be as once back at zero, at nothingness. Death is then cohesive, is it not? Yet we can get so wrapped up in this life, by the infinite possibilities it provides your finite body, you can rush and try to do everything, know everything, conquer everything, obtain everything for yourself in your selfish desires. But you must slow down- the whole world could be at your feet and you wouldn’t be satisfied. That is because without God, life is empty. No money can fill it. If you meditate and focus all your thoughts on God, on everything about your love and truth and beauty in yourself and your life; on everything about the connectivity of us all and underlying equality of how our lives is not all there is, it is made by God and God is inside of it; that when you die you know will not worry anymore and be totally satisfied because you will finally be pure Love, Truth and Beauty, it helps. The idea of death should be liberating, not a burden. Or you can focus on just one thought about anything, it helps when you meditate. You can think too much and have a million thoughts. You just need to focus on a Zen koan or try to meditate on nothingness or repeat a mantra or repeat “Be Here Now” or whatever helps you reach temporary inner peace independently of anything else. Getting high is temporary but faith is a permanent high, it is just forgotten as you get really into what you are doing and being. Remember your intent is to do everything for the Most High. These truths are a valuable lesson of Eastern Religions that complements the Western Religion prayer. And what can we learn from the so-called pagan religions? Let’s look at science. Yes, the earth should be worshipped. Yes, the universe should be worshipped. Yes, the animals should be worshipped. Yes, human’s body and minds and achievements should be worshipped. The divine is in all of these things. The universe ought to humble us. The feeling of equality that God is in all of us and that we are all one ought to humble us. The truth, love and beauty outside of humanity ought to humble us. Be careful though that science and technology are responsible and respect that miracles happen and that there is a metaphysical divine out there. And what of the “primitive religions”, in which people dance around a fire? Dancing is a great form of exercise, but it is an art tpp. You can achieve divine trances through the form of dance, just as in another other activity you put your heart into and that structures body and mind into harmony. Even sex can be divine art. Music and dance can be just as holy as the clergy, just as mathematical and scientifically structured as a lab experiment or complex math problem.

Calls for a stable government-

Anything made can be stolen, and by polarizing a country into political parties, we make the presidency that much more valuable and therefore more coveted come election time, triggering criminal outbursts of competition. WAKE UP WORLD, isn't it time we stopped polarizing and try to reconcile our differences BEFORE election year? And it only gets worse in 3-rd world countries where they are polarized not just by political parties, but by tribes, which is family, and thus it is easier to kill for your family's proud name. Can we not look at each other and see an opposing clan or tribe, and instead see a brother or sister??

Calls for peaceful religions,

You know the song "Imagine" by John Lennon? Well, try the "what ifs" the song suggests: no hell below us, no heaven above us, no borders to kill for, a brotherhood of man, sharing all the world. That doesn't mean burn the Torah, the Bible, or the Qur’an; it means RESPECT. People need something to be passionate about, and when they invest it into a sports team, a political leader, their flag, their ethnic heritage, their religion or whatever, that's okay, TO A POINT. People need to realize that their way isn't the only way, they need to stop becoming fanatics! People have so much invested in their corporations, their last names, their social status, their money!!!, and everything else. They do what is called "dichotomize" (a fancy word for "polarize") the world- "us vs. them", "good vs. evil", our truth vs. their lies. But "nobody's right if everybody's wrong". So we need to respect the fact HUMANITY is DIVINE- and to kill anyone out of hatred makes us hypocrites.


If everyone realized that we are all Sacred Souls on a Sacred Journey, they could better respect themselves and respect other people too.

But, going TOO HIGH, people become egotistical, overly proud, cocky, and demonize others. They disassociate themselves from the evils of the world, ignore the fact that we are all Holy, and act like other people don't matter, they are just means to an end, and that end is usually MONEY, or the FULFILLING of a PROPHECY...

Going TOO LOW,
People disrespect themselves. They feel worthless, have low self-esteem, and feel as though they are incomplete and need drugs or peers to vindicate their respectability. I tell you- NEVER MEASURE YOUR WORTH BY OTHER PEOPLE'S STANDARDS. This leads to the problem of the need for SOLIDARITY- where do I fit in? What group, what crowd can I "LOSE MYSELF" in? A social clique, a football team, a religious organization, an extremist circle, a club, a political party, a crew, a music scene...the list goes on. People NEED solidarity, but they TAKE IT TOO FAR- they lose their identity and cannot think for themselves because THEY DON'T WANT TO.

In the MIDDLE is self-love and respect, which must be realized before anyone else can be loved and respected. This may be the hardest part for those told they were born into sin, that they are stupid, that they will always be imperfect, that they are wrong, that they are too weak. Maybe they aren’t told it, maybe they tell it to themselves. Overcome doubt, I say. It is your greatest prisoner.

Now thinking for yourself is the HARDEST thing you could ever do. Allow me to posit the existential theory to you: life has no meaning besides the one YOU give it. Nothing is right or wrong, good or bad, just or unjust. Only in death exists the world of the ABSOLUTE, but right now here on earth we are in a place of polarization, of RELATIVITY. Opposites must exist to balance out each other, there can be no concept of good without a concept of bad. It is up to you to make your personal decisions about what you believe is Right or Wrong- these decisions paint a picture of yourself, and if you don't like it, you are free to start again. But don't take any knowledge for granted. Question everything, especially your authorities. You must realize that nobody is stupid or worthless, and nobody is inversely of grander quality or more holy than thou. We need to stop believing people who tell us which other people go to hell, who tell us who is evil, who tell us they are more of an authority on God than anyone else. God is inside of all of us. God speaks through all religions, at all times, not just in the desert 2,000 years ago. The "religious elite" is limited and often shortsighted. And you atheists who close yourselves off to ever having a divine experience will never have a divine experience as long as you close yourselves off. Atheists and religious extremists alike, you think you know everything, but you don't. Nobody does. Do you realize how much we take on faith, just because someone told us it was true? Jesus was right, Buddha was right, Marx was right about a lot of things, Nietzsche was right about a lot of things, Freud was right about a lot of things, Martin Luther King was right, Pope John Paul II was right, anyone who preached compassion and open-mindedness and broke taboo barriers was right to that extent. Maybe you can't handle studying every religion simultaneously, and that's okay; focus on one but know its texts should not be taken always literally because it was created by a particular civilization in a particular place at a particular time. There are no dogmas. There is only your choices, your decisions, your thoughts, words and actions. At least handle the fact religion and science can co-exist, and should, should the world want to be stable. Respect the fact everyone has God in them- their personal TRUTH, their personal LOVE, their personal BEAUTY; we are the highest idea we can have of ourselves. Our attitudes should be positive, we should not be afraid of death. We should be afraid of living a life thinking we know everything or know nothing. We should not fear our fellow man. We should do everything we can to look at the individual and not see them as just “The bad guy”. Criticize not a person, but their words and actions. Lead by example.

I call for social institutions and governments to stop imposing moral will on other people. That means legalize drugs, prostitution and do not ban abortion or the right for gays to marry. Listen, I think drugs tend to do more harm than good, but they can be very helpful at breaking down walls of thought that block certain parts of reality from coming in. They can be spiritual too. But yes, they can be abused, and can harm the body, and some drugs are just extreme in themselves. But you don't tell someone not to buy a gun because there's a chance they could kill themselves with it, do you? You let people make their own mistakes, with their god-given free will. Plus, the fact that drugs are illegal, (the same goes for prostitution), it makes it more dangerous and supplies gangs with a revenue to buy guns and be all macho and territorial with their cowboy drug trade, causing more and more deaths. And stop drug testing- that is a huge disrespect of a person's privacy, and it also demonizes people. Maybe we can come up with a way drugs can be legal and distributed safely. And abortion- you can be pro-life and pro-choice.(I wrote an article on this and will post it soon)

I call for education to include classes on self-esteem, independence, and responsibility. Half as many people wouldn't even be doing drugs or joining gangs or causing wars or exploiting the poor or the earth's resources if they had proper education. Yes, I am calling for FAITH IN SCHOOLS, because secularism is just as bad as its opposite. Faith and spirituality are important for good health and awareness of realities we cannot see. People have got to stop taking this so seriously. Speaking of being serious, people need to be able to laugh at themselves, at their leaders, at the history of their families or themselves or their religions or things they can't control. We should emphasize a reconciliation of all religions in the classroom by taking parallel teachings and combining them with metaphysics and general teachings to make society more cohesive. That means that a kid whose dad is a drunken Catholic bigot goes to school and learns something his dad would find radical, but his dad is outdated, and no matter what school his dad tries to send him to, the kid will be taught the same values and goals everywhere. What good is classes on skills such as math, science, English and whatnot if a kid is depressed, antagonistic or confused? If he kills himself or gets himself killed, wasn't the other supposedly more important classes just a waste of time? Nonjudgmental, open-minded teachers and counselors should always be at hand. Also, technical skills like car mechanics and computer programming, cooking, basic car, home and garden maintenance and practical courses should be available to all students. Not everyone is meant to go to college, but there should always be affordable education should they desire it. That's right, stop raising the fucking tuition. Lower it. Drastically. Motherfuckers. Too many people have no common sense, which is why some of these skills should be required. Health classes where you learn CPR and other important things should be everywhere, not just in school. Same with all of these things I’m saying. Also, people need to learn street smarts, because there will always be hustlers and scammers and liars and bullies. Listen, education should not be forced upon people. I’m saying all these classes should be required in every school and community, but school itself should not be. People have to want to learn to learn something. If a person is just really good at selling things, capitalize on that. He shouldn’t be pressed for details in learning algebra or English, he should focus on his merchandizing skills so he doesn't become a drug dealer or hustler as his only outlet. Learning should be fun. School shouldn’t be an unfriendly environment. Each student should be able to write their judgments of schools.

You can’t punish someone to teach them a lesson either. A lot of crimes are committed as outlets, some people need forms of release. Boxing is healthy because street fights tend to be unfair. Exercise is good for the body and mind- it helps the immune system and the self-esteem, which are the body’s best defenses. Emphasize exercise for people’s happiness in their own minds, not as a means to the end that other people will find them sexy or scary. Holistic medicine is important too. We have something to learn- everybody is different, that is, EVERY BODY is different. And everymind is different too! Some people are deficient in certain health areas other people take for granted. Each person should have their own affordable set of vitamins and personal health trainer instead of all these pills for depression and anxiety and aggression. Education of the mind and the body should not be imposed on people, but once they get sad, it should be the first direction society points them in, not in the direction of pills or ice cream or weed or heroin or whatever as an escape. It is so easy to be attached to things, and that defeats the purpose of life, the point being to end all unnecessary suffering, which means stopping unnecessary attachment. In the back of everyone’s mind, society’s voice of reason needs to be saying “God gave you all you need in your willpower and intuition and through the education of those who have followed the same path and are now wise. You don’t need anything or anyone really, just the divinity of conscientiousness, of a passionate work you don’t half-step with, of knowing you are God and so is everyone else. At your best you are Truth, Love, and Beauty, there is no need for anything else”. That way when the going gets tough, the person knows there are places to go to release all the negative emotions that they can’t help but feel. If they want to try psychoactive drugs, fine, at least society will teach them the proper and safe way to handle them without abusing them. But it needs to be coupled with inspiration, which comes from the aforementioned affirmation, as well as physical release, such as aggressive or sexual outlets that virtual reality or safe and orderly institutions can provide.

When people commit crimes, the crime should fit the punishment. Duh. Whoever thought of taking violent and nonviolent offenders off the street, mixing them together in an institution and expected them to play nice? Obedience is for the birds. Free will is where it’s at. You either chose to do something because you want to do it, or you are coerced with a frickin gun to your head (real or a mental rule you self-impose that isn’t really real). If your attitude is, “I’m not going to learn,” you will not learn because you already made up your mind. That’s a self-imposed gun to the head. You talked yourself out of doing it way before you even did it, so when it came time to learn, you didn't give it your heart. If someone forces you to do something though, that just causes resentment or some kind of Stockholm syndrome. Everyone resents their parents to a point. And if someone has blind obedience, they, the sheep, are like Nazi robots who would kill a messenger of God if their pastor told them to, because they are close-minded and too stubbornly stick to what other people say or to dogma. They would sacrifice free will for security, for order. People want order, like I said before. They seek solidarity. They like to put things in nice, neat little boxes and organize everything in the world. If they think they know everything, or their leader knows everything, then they are surely ignorant. They need to know that even though thinking for themselves and defining their own reality is hard, it is better than being under the tyranny of a dictator. Why did the Germans follow Hitler? For many reasons, but for one, Hitler provided a sense of all-knowingness, of order, of stability. They sacrificed the principles of compassion and the divine being in everyone for the order that a gang mentality provides. The same goes for the Italians under Mussolini; they were so disillusioned with the way things were prior to having someone to tell them what to do that they mostly followed him blindly. Russia right now longs for a dictator like Lenin, because at least then, there was order. But not everyone in these countries wanted this, and some were made the scapegoats of disorder by way of polarization. It wasn’t fair that everyone had to follow the dictator of the masses who had not faith, hope or trust that everything would work out fine without their liberties being restricted by an oppressive government. The kind of longing for order happens in prison, too. Some prisoners want to go back to prison because they can’t adjust to the real world after being in prison for too long. They miss the order of a scheduled life where someone always told them what to do. Some people are like this with religion- their Bible doesn't answer everything, and they start to question it, but long for its security. These kind of people need an ideology, and are precisely the kind of people who need God- the God that is inside of them. They need to realize it. Society doesn't want them to see it. As long as society hides everyone’s inner God, they can keep selling them beauty supplies, fake breasts, fast food, sports cars, video games, and all these other things advertisers claim we need. And these corporations that provide these things, these Paxils, these vehicles of escape, these weight loss pills, they pay off the politicians when they lobby them. You see, the whole system is screwed up, from start to finish. Organized religion lowers some people’s self esteem and raises other’s too high; people take school spirit or sports too far and represent their cities or towns to the point of real rivalries; the rich white men who own corporations need there to be a division of rich and poor so they can hold on to their luxury; the politicians impose their beliefs on the people by demonizing non-violent criminals; the police and teachers and politicians and CEOs and religious leaders get corrupted with power and authority to hold on to the ORDER of the STATUS-QUO. They cannot see past their own selves and their needs. They feel empty and try to fill that hole with money.

To Americans concerned with war
We were are really in Iraq-
Bush vendetta against Saddam for assassination plot on elder Bush? I need to look into this
Oil- Exxon profits
McDonalds and other corporations profit from stable Westernized country
Corporate war profiteering: Private sector gets in on action- Blackwater, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin = Military-Industrial Complex (the man behind the curtain?)

I call on the justice system to focus on rehabilitation. We’ve all seen that show on MTV called Fear, where hardenened cons in prison for life talk to juvenile delinquents about how stupid it is to get into a life of crime. It scares the shit out of the kids. That’s not what I would focus on. What’s important is that the cons speak the kids language. A nerdy psychologist isn’t going to have any affect on the fallacy of gang life, but an ex-gang banger is going to be able to get his message across to a kid about how stupid it is to be in a gang. If a young man murders someone else in a gang fight, because maybe the kid has no parents, or has parents but they're gangsters, or because his parents just don’t give a shit about the kid, the kid looks to his gang as his family. He will die for his gang and kill for his gang. He’s a product of his environment, but he still can be reached. He needs an ex-gang banger and he needs to relocate. I’m not saying imprison the kid for gang activity. But people don’t tend to change unless an equal or greater force comes along an presents a contradiction in peoples lives to make the change- and there is always some form of inertia to the gang banger who isn’t a sociopath. He shouldn’t be in prison; he should be in gangster-rehab. Prisons are just havens for gangs right now. The kid needs books, the kid needs to direct his passions and knowledge elsewhere, the kid needs a new home and people who are willing to live him despite his past. But he also, most importantly, needs someone who’s been down his road before and can teach him the fallacy of gang life. How can you call yourself a human and demand respect, yet you kill another man when he disrespects you because you dehumanize him with labels, with polarization, with stereotypes and assumptions and misperceptions and straight lies. To get out of the gang life or the criminal life involves a spiritual change- spiritual in the sense that the criminal learns to see past the dichotomy of “us vs. them” and into “we are all us”- and looks and sees an individual who isn’t too different from them. He needs to see that everybody is sacred and therefore unworthy of harm. And he needs an ex-criminal to help him on his journey. Also, he needs the family and friends of the person he killed to assert the pain he caused them. He must learn, by himself and not because anyone forces him to, that he should feel guilty for the rest of his life. Yet he must also learn to forgive himself and love himself again despite the past. He must not be let out of rehab until he years to redeem himself until the day he dies.

The problem with criminals is that if crime and their block is all they know, they won’t know how to exist elsewhere, in a different environment, doing a different job. They have to want to get out to get out; they have to want to change to change. Old friends will try to call them back, or the allure of the game will keep callin their name. Criminals and drug addicts are often very clever in their money making schemes. Sometimes they hustle just because they can show off their skills. They can easily turn into artists and tell their story, but rappers tend to glorify their past. Still, rap is a great outlet, the perfect medium for urban youth. But there needs to be a change in career coupled with a change in spirit, a change in attitude. If someone burns down a pizza place, the punishment should fit the crime- he should rebuild the building himself and with a construction crew who he is in debt to, and he also owes the pizza place for loss of revenue. Sure, the man who burned it down will be in debt, but he will be taking responsibility for his action. But should he be forced under penalty of law to rebuild it? What if he refuses? The people who he harmed, like in an intervention, will one by one tell the arsonist how his actions hurt their business. The arsonist will also have a rehab where he will talk with other ex-criminals and with volunteers who all try to inspire conscientiousness in the arsonist. You see, usually people can be reached if you show them the consequences of their actions to its full extent, and they see the contradiction- either I am a responsible person and I take responsibility for my actions, or I am selfish because I hurt people without compensating them; I cannot be one or the other. The person stays in rehab until he realizes what is the right thing to do. This may involve psychologists bringing up issues of how his parents raised him, this may involve him reading a lot of books, this may involve him talking to people who rehab volunteers found by trial and error to speak the arsonist’s language. This isn’t prison because the arsonist will be there for however long it takes for him to be fit for society. But until he is rehabilitated on his own terms, he is too dangerous for society. This is the only exception to the rule of coercion. A criminal will have people trying to help him see the error of his ways whether he likes it or not. Even a murderer, like I said before, except for a murderer the punishment is harder to fit the crime. That’s why there should be a two-fold rehab program for them- 1) the family and friends of the deceased assert their pain to the murderer, and 2) a rehabilitated murderer who has the same fundamental background attempts to discuss the error of the murderer’s ways by speaking to him in a language he understands the two choices: burden to society or conscientiousness. But some people lack empathy- they don’t have the part of their brain that contains it. They can’t control it, they have no free will in the matter, so they can never be reached. These are the type of people for which the insanity plea was developed- they don’t know right from wrong. People who hear voices or have irrational urges to rape kids- nothing will stop them because they are messed up in the head and can’t control themselves. They have no free will, and must be kept away from society for their entire lives, but not killed. They are like animals- they aren’t cold-blooded killers but just don’t feel any emotions over hurting others. They are the Jeffrey Dahmers. The serial killers who kill for pleasure. Now there is a difference between them and sociopaths- the latter don’t feel any emotion as well, but these guys kill for profit and not pleasure. They feel no emotions over murder, not because they got used to it, but because they are messed up in the head as well. They are like animals as well, but they are out to make a living and kill anything that crosses them. They are the Tony Sopranos. They might even have a code. But they don’t look for people to kill, they just want to be secure in their wealth and power and status. They couldn't care less if someone else died, but they cannot be reached because the part of their brains that control empathy are not working properly. They can’t control the fact they don’t feel any emotion, so it’s not their fault because they have no free will. They are clever and can blend it with society a lot more easily than serial killers. They see people’s reactions to killing so they know it’s wrong to the extent society tells them it’s wrong, but they could never figure it out for themselves. All the psychology, all the ex-con mentors, all the books and all the spirituality in the world can’t help these two kinds of people- serial killers and sociopaths. But it can help the gangster who is capable of empathy. CAT scans and other tests can discern between the sociopath and the common gangster. Most people are not sociopaths, thank the Lord. Rehab for criminals should work. Then of course is the final class of criminals- those otherwise conscientious men who kill out of anger in the heat of the moment. They come home, see their wives cheating; they are in the bar fight and just looking to defend themselves and then snap. These people will realize almost immeditately that their murders are wrong. They need help forgiving themselves and redeeming themselves; trying to prevent themselves from making the same mistake again. So we have the three forms of murders: those who kill for solidarity out of loyalty (in a gang, whether it be a drug gang or a family gang or a sports team gang or just a friend gang), those who kill for profit in satisfaction (sociopaths and psycho killers), and those who kill in the heat of the moment. The first set needs to be institutionalized, not in the formal prison we know today, but a through a rehab program focused on the individual; the second set needs to be locked away in a maximum security hospital forever; the third set need to forgive themselves and work hard never to make the same mistake. Hence there should be no more death penalty and no more prisons, just rehabilitation programs. Nonviolent criminals should not go to jail either- they should be in debt to the person they offended. Rapists should get rehab as well, if their brains are normal; that is, if they are capable of empathy. But in the new society, they should be able to relieve themselves with virtual reality or with organizations where someone who wants to be raped can meet with them and act out their fantasies, thus eliminating rape. The only other form of rape left would be those guys who want what they can’t have, so they rape a specific target out of resentment and spite. These people need the rehab but a part of me says they should also be raped themselves, or sodomized or something, so they can see how it feels. But that goes against my principle, so they would be treated as murders- they stay in rehab and talk to people who have done the same crime but now know the errors of their ways, they should be informed by people who have been raped how it feels to be raped, they should by analyzed and get spiritual treatment to lead them into the direction of conscientiousness, but they cannot get out of rehab, like the murderers, until they want to be conscientiousness for goodness’ sake and wish to live their whole lives in redemption for their terrible act. Make the criminals in jail for other violent crimes go through this too instead of prison. Like I said, drugs and prostitution will be legal. But there will also be outpatient rehabs all over for drug and sex abusers who feel like they're losing control of their lives over their attachments to getting high and feeling sexual pleasure. The same goes for people who get drunk or have any kind of addiction. They should know that the rehabs will be very individual-oriented, not cold and impersonal and preachy and judgmental like I imagine they are now. Their family should constantly tell the drug or sex abuser is hurting them and stop being afraid of confronting the problem. But if the drugs or sex is only recreational, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. And if they are institutionalized, they can be managed so that a person cannot buy more than a certain amount a week and for the amount of time they have it, they have to give someone their keys, and they should also attend drug safety information classes. It’ll be like getting a gun license- the focus should be on safety, and adherence to safety regulations and mandatory meetings must be strictly enforced if the person chooses to buy the drug. The local drug dealer gets his own establishment, is chosen for his morality as if he were going to be Pope, and is part of a larger network of drug dealers who have the authority to check up on their clients whenever just to be safe and make sure they aren’t doing anything dangerous like driving. Virtual reality (like video games or even more advanced simulations) can make it seem like the person is driving or skydiving or doing whatever, they don’t actually have to be driving to enjoy their buzz even more. They could get some streets to themselves that are non-residential if they want to drive around bad enough and smoke their blunts and listen to music. There should just be a strict traffic law and no pedestrians. “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes" said Gandhi- so true is it that sometimes we have to learn on our own, the hard way that we are hurting ourselves. But if we hurt other people in the process, it is only necessary we are held accountable. But the lesson is learned on our own, personally. No obedience there. I know the reason I did drugs were mostly the illusions- the illusion of coolness and happiness and order. When I should have been feeling accomplished because I was getting high whenever I wanted, I felt my lowest because I was still empty. Some illusions just have to be shattered on their own, such as drugs and sex, and rehab should provide the safety net to give the person a new direction to go to when he wants to change. Any interest will be supplied as long as it is constructive and not trivial to a person leaving an old way of life behind. Rehab can be for anyone. It will be a church, a school and a rehab all in one. No forcing of views allowed. But for violent criminals it has to be different; Gandhi said "I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent". This is also true. That is why the violent criminals must be kept in rehab until they wish to live their whole lives in redemption. They say every artist makes art from what he knows, so every criminal must make a lesson to the younger generation why it is wrong to commit crimes. A seasoned criminal may be not be able to learn any new tricks, but he is so valuable if he is rehabilitated because he can reach out to people and turn them away from crime. The vital functions criminal play in the new world of conscientious consciousness is the kind of education you can’t learn in schools but is equally as important. Yes, violence can be funny, when people accidentally fall or when cartoon violence ensues. But intentional violence against an unwilling real person is never funny, though we sometimes pretend it is. It’s just a defense mechanism to deal with being desensitized to violence, which our society enables and advocates by invading other countries and bombing civilians. Violence is one of those wicked traditions passed down from generation to generation, like racial and ethnic prejudice, alcohol abuse or religious lies. Like them, violence is a disease. It spreads from parent to child, from generation to generation, trying to force us to tolerate it because viruses will do anything they can to survive. It’s true, violence is a natural human tendency like sex, because humans are half-animal. The three lower facets, the ones we share with animals, are the energy focuses of 1) survival 2) sex and 3) power relationships. But humans have the CAPABILITY to use their 1) compassion 2) wisdom 3) knowledge and 4) spiritual chakras. Animals live in the moment, they think not about the past nor worry about the future. In that sense, humans could learn a lot from animals, but we should use our 4 higher energy ports as well. The lower three are necessary for survival, and violence is important for self-defense and survival sometimes, but the question is, where do you fall on the spectrum: one on end, you use violence for pleasure, and on the other, violence is a last resort. Ideally, everyone should learn some form of self-defense fighting, safe sex, and the ability to dominate because sometimes we walk down dark alleys, have sex for the passion and intimacy, and need to control our kids or pets or stupid adults. So the lower chakras are important to focus on some times. But violence begets more violence and doesn't teach any lessons- it only causes resentment, trauma, pain and death. Disputes should be settled by evenly matched opponents in a controlled environment either by some form of boxing or martial arts that uses safety gear, or ideally by sports or some other form of competition.
So I call on society to get over its sick fascination with violence. And if you need to let out aggression, don’t do it when you're still belligerent in the heat of the moment. Walk away and calm down so you can figure out another way. Rap battles or other forms of disses are healthy too, just don’t get too personal. Virtual reality helps with this too. Like in Minority Report when the guy got to experience the sensation of killing his boss when it was just a virtual simulation. Video games are fun too, and can be effective knows right from wrong. Writing out violent fantasies can even help if the writer knows this will just hold him over till time calms the flames. Virtual or written forms of acting out fantasies would be complemented nicely by people at rehabs who want to teach lessons about forgiveness and violence, patience and discipline.

Money is the main issue here, obviously. If people were conscientious, the rich would give to the poor out of their own free will because it's the right thing to do. If you have a job, you immeditately have the opportunity to give to the needy. Why? Because no matter how much money you give out, there will always be more where it came from, because of your fixed salary. We need to ease the divide between the haves and have-nots, which is ever-increasing. You see, when it comes to one's job, they need to PUT THEIR HEART INTO IT. They need to love what they do. It needs to reflect the divine part of them. We were created with everything us everything we need- the greatest tool is our mind. We need our work, our jobs, to reflect the divine inside of us- our heart and mind (body and God) must work in harmony. Each of us possesses a divine truth. We are the product of our environment (it doesn't dominate us, but it is true), we are the synthesis of our mother and father, and the answer to one of our creator's "what if". Each of us a jig-saw puzzle piece- incomplete in knowledge. But we all have our knowledge. We all have specialized practice in some form or another- some of us can dissect a body, some a car, some a railroad track, some a computer, some the psychology of the mind, some of us can dissect a book by looking at subtexts and metaphors, others can dissect a theory real well- it all is focused and a divine skill. We need to be authentic, and not try to be like anyone else. We need to put our heart, our love, our passion into our work. If all this is done, our work will be beautiful. There is a structure to reality- some patterns exist everywhere in nature. This is proof that things happen for a reason, that there is a method to the madness of life. Out of the chaos, the blank slate, the universe, the Mother, out of God, whatever you want to call it- there exists beauty, harmony, the structured rhythm of vibrations, the melody of a language everything speaks because everything is from the same source. We need every worker in society to make beauty in their work, to put their heart into their work, to be authentic in their work- than society will reflect our creator better. People need to put their individual stamp on their work. People need to learn empathy and karma. People need to be conscientious- that is, feel important because they are divine and sacred souls on a sacred journey, and feel that others are too, without getting too egotistical.

To the fiscal conservatives and poor-people minded liberals: look into Ron Paul’s policies and debate with me what you disagree with about them. His gold-standard policy seems to be the best way to fix inflation. Paul seems to know how to fix social security. I need help from economists to argue the best policy for dealing with issues of health care. We need non-governmental organizations to call out companies that demand too much money. Universal health care- please, debate this idea. Also, Paul gives a compelling argument about how raising the minimum wage will drive up unemployment. Please check out his website and discuss.
This man has written books about fixing the economy. I think he knows what he’s talking about. Small government and individual freedom as well as individual accountability. Freedom without responsibility is a form of slavery. That’s where non-governmental organizations come in. They can sanction certain corporations and companies that are unfair. We don’t need government to do the job of American citizens. How can we call ourselves moral Americans and be so blind and irresponsible to the terrible practices of some companies we buy our things from? Or to just sit aside and let the government screw us over with income taxes, the Federal Reserve, NAFTA, and social security we won’t even get? It’s time for us to rise up because our generation is THE generation that will bear the burden of social security and not get any for ourselves. WE suffer and no one else. WE ARE AMERICA. WE ARE THE POLICE. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT. WE ARE THE COMMUNITIES. WE ARE INDIVIDUALS, first and foremost. We are social individuals, but we are individuals first and foremost. Please join the cause!

I am calling for the social conservatives to read what I say specifically in my post On Homosexuality. Social liberals have it right in my opinion. God gave us free will, and if you're afraid of what you don’t understand, it doesn't give you a right to try to control it if it isn’t physically hurting anyone…and involves consent.

That is the Manifesto of the Holy Revolution

On Sex, Politics and Religion

“Sex, Politics and Religion”

Ladies and gentlemen:
At Club Manipulation
The gut feels selfish

Do good intentions
Lay twisting in a hot bed-
Pandora's Dancefloor?

My friend Clare asked me what I meant by this. I said:

It is basically saying that there may be good intentions behind the political institution, but those intentions have gotten us nowhere. Our government is still as corrupt and unprofessional as it ever was, but now at least we have a corrupt and unprofessional media watching their every move. Take the democrats- they want big government because they want to support the welfare system and fight poverty with tax dollars. Good intentions: check. How is our welfare system? How is our social security system? How is our healthcare system? All these institutions are in dire need of reform. Even raising the minumum wage increases unemployment by making the waiter do the dishes instead of hiring a waiter and a dishwasher, because now with the minimum wage up, a dishwasher, who deserves less money than a waiter in the first place, cannot be compensated due to the amount of money the company can afford to spend on its staff. Republicans ask- why does the government have to spend our tax money on social programs? That should be the job of individuals, of churches, of communities. And there a lot of good NGO's (Non-Governmental Organizations) that address the same issues as Democrats but just with their own money.
Republicans want small government. Good intentions: Check. But most republicans, in addition to being so-called fiscal conservatives, are social conservatives who try to protect the status quo. You see the problem here- blacks, women, gays, immigrants, young people- they all get the short end of the stick while old rich white men heading corporations profit from a Republican government. They also profit from Democrats, who recieve just as much campaign funding from Republicans (especially Hillary), and therefore are indebted to corporations. They have strings attached. Republicans especially because they fund the warfare system. There is a huge military-industrial complex with 772 U.S. military bases worldwide and private companies that profiteer from war such as Lockheed Martin, and the infamous Halliburton and Blackwater, the latter of which is especially dangerous because they act above the law and get away with terrible murders, according to Iraqui witnesses and police, and one alleged rape of a female solider of fortune (as Blackwater is a mercenary group and not just ordinary soliders). Basically, these companies need constant US military intervention across the globe to stay in business (as opposed to using the military only for defense), and American corporations such as Exxon and McDonalds profits every time we make "the world safe for democracy" because they get a share from the new resources in the land. Also, a lot of Republicans are homophobic and against a woman's right to choose, which makes them a liability into actually meddling with the Constitution. Just last year, a Marriage Amendment was proposed to be added to the sacred Constitution because Karl Rove tried to polarize America at election time to get Americans to support his brand of so called value-based initiatives. Democrats are just as guilty of polarizing America, too, like how Hillary got nasty with Obama over race and other issues.
Things like the war on drugs, the war on terror, the war on poverty; all these things our tax dollars go to are shams. Social Security is the biggest sham of all, Clare, because our generation is paying for the Baby Boomer's retirement but the system will fail. "Today, the Social Security system is broke and broken. Those in the system are seeing their benefits dwindle due to higher taxes, increasing inflation, and irresponsible public spending." Ron Paul predicts that you and I won't live to see a social security system that supports us. We bear the burden of our parents, but no one will bear our burden. And inflation will make all the money we save for retirement dwindle. Liberatarians like Ron Paul know how to fix the economy- by setting a gold standard. He's an expert on the economy.
But all we have are Republicans and Democrats, both emphasizing good intentions, but both fail. When they try to solve our problems, they open Pandora's Box and a whole bunch of new problems come out of it. We fight poverty but we can't control people's minds, so we can never end poverty. All the issues can be reduced to how individuals like you and me are affected by what our environment tells us to believe, and how we interpret it. Hate and stupidity and fear spread from parent to child, and the school systems, while a lot are good, are terrible in inner cities where children need teachers to be the voice of reason when their home and communities are in peril. We can't tell people how to raise their children, so we can't end bad things for good. The source of all the evil and hate goes back generations and generations, to the dawn of man. That's Pandora's Box. We don't realize we're all fighting for the same values but approaching it with different means and getting hung up on and invested in those means so that we lose our awareness of how our actions have a ripple effect that effect the whole world. We are confused by this separation: right wing or left wing, Christian or atheist, religion or science, pro-choice or pro-life; our self-esteem is extremely too high or too low, and lack of faith in everything is prevalent on either side. Pandora's Box also asks "how can you have the good without the bad?" "Is there ever going to be Heaven on Earth? Do we need to do something to make it occur?" and says things like "nobody's right if everybody's wrong" in a sarcastic tone.
The way society twists our resources to worship a false trinity of Time, Money and Self instead of God is directly responsible for manipulating the masses who don't give a damn about politics or who are conditioned and brainwashed to follow certain ignorant extremists ideologies. We are told to go with our gut, which means follow intuition over reason. But we condition our gut to be selfish and irresponsible. We vote for leaders without looking into them, and we end up going into a war Bush had planned before he was president. We buy things without looking into the corporations and end up supporting slave labor. We eat bad food, watch bad TV, disrespect our bodies and minds and it's no wonder our generation of music sucks- the gangsta rappers have little faith and talk about dumb, ignorant, materialistic things while alternative rockers whine about not getting what they want and whine about politics and religion without actually doing anything about it.
Things like Sex, Politics and Religion scare people away because of what society has done with them. And it's your fault and my fault and all our faults for letting them. We just have to do something about it. Being responsible American citizens and re-directing our country from being a modern day Rome or Babylon, participating in the divine, respecting ourselves, loving, fighting to understand and be true to ourselves, as well as others and the earth; it is all we have to do. We must unlearn what we have learned to actually try to understand what we fear. And if we're too busy in our fast-paced lives to do things on our own terms, at least we should seek knowledgeable people and listen to what they have to say if it is too overwhelming to handle by ourselves., Bono, Bill Gates, Neale Donald Walsch, Ram Dass, Gerhart Niemeyer and Eric Voegelin are all relatively modern spiritualists, thinkers and ideas such as and are all great relatively modern sources of the eternal Gospel that spreads goodwill and fights for peace on earth.

Gerhart Niemeyer and Eric Voegelin
Social Security:,9565,1032063,00.html

By the way, you don't have to feel dumb for asking me. I mean, you got to figure words like "sex" "politics" "religion" infer a divided set of views. Those are the things that polarize human beings. But if we could come up with a shared set of values that associate words like "sex" "politics" and "religion" with "love" "peace" "understanding" "truth" "beauty" and "progress" instead of "manipulation" and "selfish", the world would be a better place. It is worth fighting for because they are the defining issues of existence.

The latter part of the poem is just me questioning whether we can never get to the heart of the matter and solve these problems. I never give an answer in the poem, it is up for the individual reader to decide. If you decide "yes, we can solve these issues," than I would like to see you in person and high-five you. But if you decide "no, it's impossible, we shouldn't even try," then I would love to hear why you think so.

By the way, my blog, is addressing these issues in many articles I have written, and I would love your feedback if you are interested. I like debates and constructive criticism. I also like general applaud for certain ideas to see which ones hit home the most with people. And if you know of any great leaders fighting for what I'm fighting for, which is what good people everywhere are fighting for, please let me know their names. And if you hear any good quotes, whether they are funny or insightful, then I can add them to my Truth of the Week article and I'll credit you with discovering the quote. And if you've actually read everything I've written you then than I praise you for being patient and kind enough to get this far. Thanks and have a great day!

- Shep

On Hell and Free Will

I believe hell does not exist as a separate reality from the world in which we live, like a place where all bad souls go for eternity. I subscribe to the theory of C.S. Lewis that Hell is optional- and is therefore purgatory. You can stay in hell for all of eternity of you so wish, but you still have the opportunity to leave whenever you want. His book, The Great Divorce, furthered my belief in a God of unconditional love.
Conversations with God posits the theory that there is no such thing as hell. He says that only a master can understand that even someone as bad as Hitler will not be punished by God for eternity. The purpose of life is to remember who you are, and if you do evil things like murder people and steal from them it shows, if anything, you have some growth to do, in your next lives, to fully understand why killing people is evil. The author says God’s qualities are Love, Truth and Beauty. Whenever we do something in life that embodies these qualities, we are experiencing God and vice versa- God is experiencing himself through us. So anything like God-fearing, a vindictive and jealous God, a wrathful God- is all bologna. God never meant for us to live stressed, worrying, afraid of our fellow man, afraid of our fate, afraid of Him or anything like that. As Yoda said, “fear leads to hate, hate leads to suffering; that is the path of the darkside”. As Nas said, “we fear what we don’t understand, hate what we can’t conquer”. In ancient times, the Nile overflowing would be a sign to the people that they did their duty to God. But when it didn't flood, they had done something wrong, and God had punished them by not fertilizing their crops. That’s where the whole idea of a vindictive God came from. And everyone wants a God who dishes out justice by killing bad guys and sending them to hell. But then why would God make bad people in the first place? Why did God invent the snake in the Garden of Eden? Why did he create a mind to let Satan fall from the angels? It’s all contradictory and senseless. The whole idea of Hell was to explain the unexplainable. Now does that give people an excuse to do evil? No! People should be held accountable for their actions. We are all sacred souls on a sacred journey, says Neale Donald Walsch. Any disrespect to the body or mind or soul, or anyone else’s, would be going against that principle. Destroying the very earth we need, and our grandchildren need, is evil because it is self-destructive. It disrespects the sacredness of humanity and all of God’s creations, buzzard or fern. And just because a bug or an insane person doesn't realize they are divine, doesn't give us the right to kill them. A more developed brain may make one more advanced, but it doesn't make us holier than anything on earth. Using our brains to the max can make us more righteous, but it doesn't make us unequal as children of God who deserve a chance to live free as long as they aren’t hurting anyone. Don’t forget, bad people usually get what’s coming to them. Pride comes before the fall. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. You live by stupidity and you'll die by stupidity.

I believe that hell exists as a state of mind. It could be someone who makes the same mistakes over and over again, like in the Greek myth of Sisyphus, who was condemned to keep pushing a rock up a hill and watch it roll down again. Tasks that are pointless and unrewarding, repetitive and consistently harmful, is a form of living hell. Total confusion is hell. Total fear is hell. Living in fear is about as far away from God as there is, but we all still have the chance to let go of our fear, and that is where free will comes in. Also hell can exist in the form of people whose basic needs aren't met- poor people and abused people can be living in hell if they have a terribly negative outlook on life and continuously feel forsaken. People who feel like they have no control are living in hell.
You mentioned you don't believe in free will. You make decisions all day long, and yet you feel trapped. Well, you chose to not believe in free will, didn't you? Or did that conviction chose you, you would ask? The choice is the light side or the dark side. There may be a certain direction, master plan, or instructional blueprint drawn up by an architect in the sky, call it God or fate or what have you. But what if something went wrong?

Sometimes I feel like before we were born, our souls were pre-existing, and we chose the life we were going to lead. We chose which family we wanted to be born into, which highs and lows we were capable of, and our bodies and personality were pre-existing as well. We have two endings- one that happens if we allow ourselves to fall victim to the burdens of life, and one that occurs when we realize our divinity. There are many dead-ends in the maze of life that we can chose if life goes to wrong and we want to opt-out of it, like a plane crash or something. Since we don't understand black holes, white holes and dark matter, maybe God uses those devices to transport ancient memories of our selves back into our brains through dreams and déjà vu to try to keep us on the right path. Depending on how cynical or close-minded we chose to be in life, we will take or leave those messages.
You see, God, before he walked on earth, could have only a idea of what it was like to be human. There was no way he could feel human pain or bodily limitations prior to manifesting himself in Jesus. God was just a Thought, a Mind (the Father). Then as he took the form of Jesus, he became Experience. God experienced himself through the Son, the Body. It was only through this that God had Knowledge of what it was like to be human. That's when the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles.
So before we are born, we are gods who are planning out a rough outline of our lives. Say for this life my two outcomes were a military leader who leads a coup d'état and takes over the world for himself or a military leader who kills all the leaders of countries and unites the world for good. I know my two choices are going to depend upon my experiences, which I don't know for sure yet because I'm still just a Mind. Once I get a Body, and remember the pleasures of the flesh, I might become addicted to material things and get caught in a vicious cycle. And there's no shame in that, but it just isn't ideal. So God tries to remind me in dreams and messages and clues in my life that materialism is greedy and irresponsible and I can't take it with me when I go. But I forget that there is the war of light and dark here on earth and that by keeping up my coveting, materialistic selfish ways, I will be on the wrong side of history and a burden to my brothers and sisters on earth. I forget because I'm blinded by the illusion of happiness, as the Buddhists call it. I desire, therefore I suffer, and contribute to worldwide suffering through karma and the butterfly effect. I am sinning in the eyes of the Christian as well. So I worship my false idol of money and things and if I really exploit other humans for my greed than history will look upon be as a parasite and a cancer. Who are they to judge me, though? I die eventually and bring all this empty knowledge back to the spirit-world and I have learned nothing about life except that I made a mistake and wasted my time. I can't say it was fun while it lasted because even though I had my highs, I was still never satisfied, and I lived in fear of losing it all to jealous people. Thus I lived mostly in hell my whole life. Now that I'm dead, I realize what I did wrong, and I'll probably want to be reincarnated. There's free will again.
You can always choose to live again and your DNA is the instructions you take with you from the spirit world. There are only rough guidelines though- if I become powerful enough, I can change matter and alter my DNA. In fact, not only are my experiences changing my internal makeup, but my thoughts, and what I chose to feed my head, are changing it too. Will I listen to ignorant music all day, have violent thoughts and hopelessly do drugs so I can get the illusion of peace? Will I let faithless, mistrusting thoughts enter my head? Will think egotistical or paranoid or arrogant thoughts? If I say yes to all of these, than the inspiration of these thoughts will manifest themselves in my words and actions, my attitude and my character. My destiny will hence be what I made it because all I fed my mind was negativity. I didn't bother looking for idealism, for God or for an internal feeling of control. I felt either too weak or too strong. I died worrying. Now all the stress in my whole life had added up before I died. Stress weakens the immune system and causes pressure on the heart and stomach and brain and lungs. It activities depression genes I was pre-disposed to but not necessarily a slave to because if I had put myself in the right environment and fed my mind with the right thoughts and knowledge, I would have lived my life in control and overcame the depression gene. But like how when you sleep at night, dream of things that aren’t real, and this inspires the blood to expand the penis and the pressure to build up and produce a “big bang” of sperm, living a negative life of worrying about things that aren’t real has had physical results that killed me. Poor diet, physical inactivity and polluting the body with toxins are feeding the body in a negative way. Feeding the mind and soul, the latter through self-expression through skills as well as participation in the divine and eternal, is equally as important. The earth might as well be the body of our thoughts. Life is what we make it, the existentialists are correct. If we stop caring and become ignorant, the world will reflect that. But we are relatively stable now, if not on the brink of disaster, so it shows a tipping point. Our collective consciousness is on the verge of a new big bang. All the pressure of the fast-paced world and wasting the earth’s resources and religious intolerance is bound to expand our species to its breaking point. We have the choice, though, to tend it in the right direction. We have to, if we want our grandchildren to enjoy their lives at all. The universe is expanding. The collective knowledge of the earth is too, as it becomes a global community. And our sexual organs seem to be expanding as well, because the world’s population is expected to be up from 6 to 9 billion in 2050. The world can’t contain the pressure if we keep doing what we’re doing. Our choice is to be responsible and understanding and respectful of our brothers and sisters all over the globe and unto ourselves. That means fighting lies, fears, and suicidal tendencies as soon as we become aware of them. It means belief in humanity. It means life itself is sacred, as is the earth and universe. Our free will comes down to ushering in the new era, the new big bang of consciousness. Whether or not the origins and destiny of man as I predict are true, I live by them.
So the main point of my theory that I wish everyone to agree with is that hell comes from ignorance of knowledge that God's light is inside of me and gives me all the strength I need; that faith, positivity, compassion, knowledge, wisdom and even fear, sex and power relationships, if all directed to God; if I am constantly participating in the divine, I have chosen to grow. My soul will be every second closer to paradise and heaven on earth is that much closer to becoming manifest because of my actions. If I get hung up on false idols, selfishness, negativity, fear and vicious cycles of illusions of happiness, then I chose to live in hell and make the world and my soul limited. God will send my messages my whole life. Will I chose to listen to them?
Ask yourself this question. Everyone ask yourself this question. We need more leaders and professed warriors. You can chose to accept your destiny or to forget about it because you don’t think it’s tangible enough to be interesting. There’s your free choice.